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Birthday Parties and Special Events

Please note: due to our amazingly awesome summer camps, we generally cannot accommodate birthday parties during the summer months (June-August). Birthday parties are generally available September-May. Spring 2018 update: Please note that availability for Spring 2018 is very limited at this time as our calendar is filling up!

Birthday parties include...

  • Expert instruction from our awesome staff
  • Activities in your chosen theme (see below)
  • All needed gear for activities and games
  • For Archery and Blacksmithing: One of our awesome locations (see below)
  • For all other party themes, we will find and book an appropriate local park (If you have a location already we can also come to you)
  • A table and chairs

Families should bring...

  • Decorations, tablecloths, etc
  • Utensils, plates, and cups
  • All food, cake, and drinks

Archery Party

Host your party at our archery range! Guests have their own party area and ongoing access to the open archery range for up to 12 participants. Friendly and experienced range instructors assist everyone in safely using our archery gear. Best suited for children ages 7 and above. Contact us to check availability.

Schedule: 3 hours

Tuition: $475

Location: Local outdoor archery range or our clubhouse in South Berkeley

Blacksmithing Party

Learn the art of the forge at your party! Up to 8 participants can learn metal shaping techniques, taught by our expert instructors. Guests have their own party area, and we provide all equipment and welcome all levels! Limited to children ages 10 and above. Contact us to check availability.

Schedule: 3 hours

Tuition: $495

Location: The Guild Hall: 3049 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA

Contact Us to Learn More

Give us a call (510) 575-9444

Are you interested in overnight programs or day programs? Check all that apply.

Please describe the type of program you are looking for. This will not limit what we create with you, it is only a beginning.

Topics We Cover

These topics are an overview of what we do real well. Though our expertise is not limited to these skills. Many of our staff of well cultivated renaissance interests. If you have need related to natural sciences or traditional skills, there's a good chance we do it very well (if not, we'll direct you to who does).

Wildlife Tracking and Ecology includes but is not limited to…

  • Trailing specific animals or species
  • Nature and ecological mapping
  • Wetland assessment
  • Core skills of tracking
  • Nature awareness tools

Primitive Skills, Wilderness Survival and Ancient Technologies includes but is not limited to…

  • Flintknapping and lithic tools
  • Fire by friction
  • Temporary wilderness survival shelters
  • Long-term primitive living shelters
  • Stone, bone and wood tools
  • Primitive pottery
  • Primitive fiber arts: rope making and more
  • Basket weaving
  • Wilderness Survival Trips
  • Building a Primitive Living Village
  • Hide tanning
  • Bowmaking and bowyer arts
  • Archery, atlatls and more
  • Sustainable harvest
  • Care for and intensification of native plants

Marine and Aquatic Ecology and Relationships includes but is not limited to…

  • Marine or aquatic ecology
  • Tidepooling
  • Shellfish and sea vegetable harvest
  • Fishing
  • Marine navigation
  • Mariner folklore
  • Knot tying

Traditional Boat Building includes but is not limited to…

  • Traditional skin-on-frame kayaks
  • Traditional skin-on-frame canoes

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants includes but is not limited to…

  • Plant taxonomy
  • Herbal and medicinal medicine making and applications
  • Harvest for abundance and long-term wilderness living
  • Preservation and storage methods: drying, canning, fermenting and processing
  • Utilitarian uses of wild plants
  • Plant fiber arts and applications
  • Historical and cultural uses of wild edible and medicinal plants

Wildland Conservation: Generative Ecological Relationships includes but is not limited to…

  • Mycology as remediation
  • Soil conservation and restoration
  • Restoration and intensification of native habitats
  • Removal of invasive species
  • Permaculture design principles remade for the explicit conservation of native habitat

Homesteading Crafts includes but is not limited to…

  • Natural sustenance gardening
  • Alternative and sustainable energy
  • Clothing making
  • Food preservation

Theater Arts includes but is not limited to…

  • Improv games for exploring collaborative social dynamics
  • Stage presence: the art of presentation and delivery
  • Stage and theater production
  • Intensive storytelling arts