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Employment with Trackers Earth

Do you want to connect kids and adults to their community and nature?
Join the Best Camps in the Known Universe!

Trackers Earth's award-winning camps bring adventure back into being a kid.
You work and play outdoors on a mission to connect students to community and nature.
We're looking for great folks to teach with our 2020 Summer Camps

Choose Your Own Adventure

Will you teach bushcraft, fishing, archery or farm life?
Will you join a Secret Agent Academy, look for Lost Relics or become a Wizard?
Will you bike, paddle, rock climb or blacksmith?

We do more in one day than most camps do all summer!

This page is for our Bay Area Programs. If you live in Portland, check out

Available Positions

Lead Educator
Assistant Educator
Team Coordinator
Field Coordinator
Site Coordinator

Looking for Educators

Trackers is a diverse organization. We need mentors to create thoughtful, challenging adventures in the outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. And yes, we do want you to come with skills or a great willingness to learn.

The Skills

Early Childhood Education
Primitive Skills & Bushcraft, Farm Craft, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Paddle Sports
Live Action Role-Playing, Archery
Blacksmithing, Photography

Our Mission 3 Connections

We believe Outdoor Education has the power to change lives.
And with great power, comes great responsibility.
At Trackers, our mission is Connection:

Connection to Community

Connection to Nature

Connection to Generations Beyond Us

2020 Summer Camp Positions

Training Flexible with your schedule from date of hire up to June 14, 2020.
Program Teaching Dates June 8 - August 14, 2020

As a seasonal educator with Trackers camps, you are not assigned to an officially fixed work site.
Locations can include South Berkeley, North Berkeley/Albany, Walnut Creek and Oakland.

Use the tables below to determine the starting rate for each position.
Scroll to Weekly Bonus Add-Ons to determine what certifications increase your rate.
Training pays Minimum Wage and Bonus Add-Ons do not apply.

Day Camp Positions

Assistant Educator

Learn with Trackers Earth and our unique outdoor education skill-set. No previous experience necessary.

Training: Flexible Training Dates
Teaching: June 15 - Aug 28, Mon - Fri

Pay: $17.85 per hour + bonus add-ons

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Lead Educator

Be a lead educator for a team of kids exploring nature and adventuring at our summer day camps.

Training: Flexible Training Dates
Teaching: June 15 - Aug 28, Mon - Fri

Pay: $18.35 per hour + bonus add-ons

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Team Coordinator

Teach and assist Field Coordinators in implementing day camps. Help create, manage and plan.

Training: Flexible Training Dates
Teaching: June 15 - Aug 28, Mon - Fri

Pay: $863 per week + bonus add-ons

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Weekly Bonus Certification Add-Ons

Based on current certifications, you can receive a weekly pay bonus for every full-week of camp worked. They include general add-ons, which apply to every role and position-specific add-ons, which only apply to that role. Total weekly pay bonuses, general and specific, are limited to $100 per week for all staff.

General Certifications Weekly Pay Add-on Bonus
Returning Staff $10 per week
CDL Class B Large bus with passengers $80 per week
Lifeguard Certification $12 per week
Wilderness First Responder $25 per week
EDUCATION Only highest of the following applies
Teaching Certificate $35 per week
Masters in Education or Child Related Field $35 per week
Montessori Teacher Certification (AMI or AMS) $25 per week
Early Childhood Education Degree BA or higher $25 per week
Tracking Certification (CyberTracker or Equivalent) Level II - $4 per week, Level III - $8 per week
Approved Wilderness Skills Courses (see list) $4 - $8 per week

Please Note Pay rates for the initial staff training period differs for new staff. All weekly bonus add-ons do not apply during this training trial period for any staff. Once the training period is over, staff members graduate to their regular pay rate and weekly bonus add-ons apply.

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Required Experience, Attributes & Physical Demands

Maintain high professional standards

Punctual and timely for all scheduled shifts
Ability to set and communicate boundaries for youth in a positive way
Ability to think on your feet, be creative, and care for the safety of children even in challenging situations

CPR/First Aid certified (or ability to complete before position begins)

Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Auto-Injector certified (or ability to complete before position begins)
Food handlers certified (or ability to complete before position begins)

State fishing license (if working with programs that fish)

Ability to continuously stand, hike backcountry terrain on and off-trail, bend, squat, climb stairs/hills, lift up to 50 lbs
Pre-employment checks: criminal background, reference, requirements in MVR Policy, Alcohol/Drug Test for drivers

Contact Information


Check all positions that you wish to apply for. BE SURE you meet the minimum qualifications!

Day Camps

(This application is for adult employment.)

Overnight Camps

Extended Camp

Other Positions

Your Story

Additional Comments


In applying for this position, I understand I must make all the date commitments on the previous page and requests for schedule may not be accomodated.


Please list three references; include at least two professional references you have worked with.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

Please Note You will be asked to bring a resume if scheduled for an interview.