Trackers Outdoor Homeschool
Rangers, Wilders, Mariners & Artisans

Our award winnging 1 day per week homeschool outdoor program

Become a Tracker! Explore and learn skills with our four Trackers Guilds. Each guild and season is a new adventure. Train stealth, archery, and wilderness survival with Rangers. Embark on epic stealth quests and craft in our art studio with Artisans. Meet farm animals, forage wild foods, and go boating with Wilders and Mariners. Plus, as a Tracker, you hone your awareness skills so you can track and see anything through the forest and wilderness.

Trackers Earth has won several programming awards with local parent magazines.

At Trackers Homeschool, kids find friends while sharing adventures with a team of like-minded peers. This premier outdoor education program helps youth develop awareness, fortitude, and competency. With dedication and hard work, our Homeschool experience leads to life-long learning and love of nature.

Save up to $410 on tuition by registering for Fall, Winter & Spring.

Homeschool Seasons

Our program is divided into 3 seasonal terms. While each season features specific Trackers Guilds, we still include experiences from other Guilds each term.

Fall Term (9 weeks) Fall features our Rangers Guild. Focus on essential outdoor skills like archery, wilderness survival, and outdoor safety. Learn to build shelters, light fire with no matches, and forage for seasonal wild plants. Begin training in games of forest while developing the foundations of tracking and nature awareness.

Winter Term (9 weeks) Winter features our Artisans Guild. During the cooler months, delve into earth arts: basket weaving, leatherwork, woodcarving and more. Older Trackers (age 9-11) also learn blacksmithing. Also embark on epic stealth adventures of immersive tales rooted in the natural world.

Spring Term (9 weeks) Spring features our Wilders & Mariners Guilds. Travel to the farm to care for animals, plant gardens, and forage for wild plants. Explore our local waterways, fishing, boating, and developing water safety skills. Outdoor cooking is a key component of this season, as we prepare all the foods we forage and catch over the campfire.

Call to Action

We teach the art of Tracking, which gives young people the tools needed to navigate the human and natural world. A Tracker is ready and gritty, training in outdoor skills. A Tracker is a caretaker with their Team, contributing to their greater community through self-discipline and service.

Every day is rooted in Tracking as a game and core learning philosophy. All year long, train to become a master tracker. Follow the trails of elk, fox, bobcat, and more. Learn to decode bird language, using their calls to locate other wildlife and people in the forest.

Our Guides

Our Homeschool Mentors are experienced educators who teach authentic skills. They inspire positive growth through connection to community, nature, and outdoor lore. Our Guides help youth direct their own education.