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Mariners Guild:

Fishing, Kayaking, and Crabbing

The Bay Area takes its very name from the presence of water, which flows all around us. Numerous lakes and delta inlets also provide opportunities for seeking and catching wily (and tasty) marine life. Join our Mariners Guild and set a course to become a master of the waterways. 

Mariners Guild Courses

Click the links below to learn more or register. 

Fishing Basics: $74 Learn the basics and beyond of finding, catching, and cleaning the fish in our local waterways.

Kayaking Basics: $74 Kayak in style in our hand-made, traditional skin-on-frame style kayaks. 

Also: Mariners Apprenticeship for Youth

Join our Mariners Guild! In this 10-month program, train in the arts of fishing, watercraft, and wetland ecology.