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Summer Camps
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Summer Camp 2022
Summer Camp 2022 is Available Now!
Grade K-12 Connect with Trackers Earth for Summer Adventure
Realms Adventures
Realms Sword
LARPing Summer Camps
Realms Adventures: Our New Sister Organization
Grade 1-12 Become a Hero, Quest the Realms! Summer Day & Overnight Camps
Overnight Camps
Summer Overnights 2022
Camping & Outdoor Skills
Grade 6-12 Get immersed in overnight Wilderness Survival, Farmcraft, & Fishing!
Wilders Garden
Weekday Adventures
1 day a week, 7 week terms
Ages 7-11 Outdoor programs for Bay Area homeschool, independent study, and online school families.
2022-2023 Homeschool Available Now!
**Flexible Payment Plans Available**
Micro School
Micro School
3 days a week
Grade K-8 Part-Time Education Outdoors
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Weekend Mentorship
1 day a month, 9 month session
Gr K-12 Ongoing outdoor adventures on the weekends.
School Year 2022-2023 Available Now!
**Flexible Payment Plans Available**

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