February & Spring Break Camps - Berkeley & Oakland

Trackers Earth's award-winning spring break camps offer activities for all ages. Kids make new friends and learn with expert instructors. Our camps feature fantastic outdoor adventure, skills, and lore.

February Camp Dates February 17 - 21 
Spring Camp Dates March 30 - April 3

The Trackers camp counselors are fantastic. Great, creative energy that really engages the kids' imagination. You can tell they love this just as much as the kids.
Robin Maloney, Parent
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Top 6 Reasons to choose Trackers

Safe Camps

Our priority: Care for your child. Trackers Earth sets the standard of safety for outdoor camps. Many camps look to us for best practices in teaching skills to children.

Old & New Friends

Campers return time & again. Your child makes new friends during fantastic adventures. Our professional educators foster teamwork through all camp activities and curriculum.

Legendary Locations

Our camps journey into the wilderness. We visit both public parks and our exclusive private sites—where kids can be kids: Adventuring, making forts, enjoying campfires, and more!

Fun Skills

Years of experience offer the best curriculum. Real skills such as archery, fishing, survival, role-playing and more. Original themes like Wizards Academy or Wilderness Survival.

Best Staff

Experienced educators lead authentic skills. Our training is highly respected in the field. Chosen through intense interviews and background checks, our staff has unparalleled maturity.

Best Summer Camp Hours

Best Hours

Trackers offers one of the longest camp days in the Bay Area. Flexible check-in from 8am - 8:50am & flexible check-out from 3:30pm - 4pm. Add affordable Extended Camp until 6pm.

Camp Details

Different camp age groups to customize curriculum.
Age 4-Grade K ∙ Grade 1 ∙ Grade 2-3  ∙ Grade 4-5 Grade 6-9

Best Fit Guarantee∙ Safety Policies

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