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Trackers After School Programs

Join Trackers After School for outdoor adventure and folk crafts throughout the year! Trackers offers transported outdoor adventures from select East Bay schools.

After School

Trackers offers a transported After School program that brings kids to nature. This program offers an excellent balance to a long day of classroom instruction. Creative, active lessons wake the children up to the world around them and to their own abilities. Children practice working together and tending to the land. Trackers kids do more than learn, they engage.

Transported After School Outdoors: East Bay

We pick your child up from school for an afternoon of exploring the outdoors or craft work at our local artisans studio in Berkeley. During the school year we explore a wide range of topics, including wilderness survival, fishing, homesteading crafts, archery, and more. You pick up between 5:30 and 6 PM at our Berkeley HQ. Transported programs operate continuously during the school year (with holiday breaks).